The director of Tandav apologized, but its stars are sharing memes on social media

The director of Tandav apologized, but its stars are sharing memes on social media

Recently, the director Ali Abbas Zafar has to apologize for the swift action against Tandava. 
But looking at the attitude of the members of his web series, it does not seem that his apology matters.

Let us tell you that many such scenes have been shown in Tandava, which not only openly insult Hindu culture, but are also promoting casteism, sedition. Whether to show Shiva burning with Shriram, or to show anti-minority to the police encounter, you go on speaking and you will get to see them in the Tandava series.

Due to this, resentment against Tandava has increased all over the country, and many people have talked about banning Tandava. The Uttar Pradesh government has also made arrangements to take swift action against the makers and writers of Tandava. Meanwhile, Ali Abbas Zafar tweeted apologizing to everyone that he did not want to play with anyone's feelings, and if something went wrong, he also apologized to the people for it.

However, seeing the tweets of his series members, it is not at all as if they are embarrassed from anywhere. Actress Kritika Kamra, associated with this series, mocked the angry audience by tweeting, “Indian Twitter - Ban Tandav. Indore Police - Your Technics Are Wrong

Here she was clearly on the side of Munawar Farooqui, as if she was provoking the police to take action against the Tandava. Apart from Kritika, Mohammed Zeeshan Ayub, who is playing the role inspired by Kanhaiya Kumar in this film, was also seen mocking the public protest. On the one hand, he supported Kritika's tweets, while a few days before the release of the series, Mr. Munawwar was trying to make the system dictatorial when Farooqui was not found.

In such a situation, it would not be wrong to say that the apology of the makers of Tandava is of no use, as their actors have no regrets for their acts. Now Uttar Pradesh as well as Madhya Pradesh have arranged to hide the arrogance of these arrogant artists, and in such a situation, this apology has proved futile.

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