Apart from missing the period, these symptoms also indicate pregnancy
Apart from missing the period, these symptoms also indicate pregnancy

Usually, when a woman misses her periods , she suspects that she is not pregnant because most people consider missing a period to be the biggest sign of pregnancy. Whereas in today's time, due to all the hormonal problems, the problem of missing the period has started happening. In such a situation, just by missing the period, the concept of pregnancy can also prove to be wrong. That's why today we are going to give you some other similar pregnancy indications .We will tell you about those, which come in front of you apart from missing the period, but often they are not noticed or ignored as normal. If you are planning a pregnancy and you see some of the signs mentioned here apart from missing your period, then your chances of getting it right increase much more.

Difference in breast size

Usually, after a month of conceiving a woman, it is known that she is pregnant. The reason for this is that after a month when her period does not come on her own time, she feels that she should take a pregnancy test. But some women start feeling heaviness in the breast within a week or two after conceiving. This can also be a sign of pregnancy. Don't ignore it.

Vaginal spot

Many times the period does not come openly but the vaginal spot comes, due to which the woman feels that she is not pregnant. But let us tell you that vaginal spots and cramps are also a sign of pregnancy. Even in such a situation, you should definitely do a pregnancy test.

Having mood swings

When a woman conceives, hormonal changes start in her body. In such a situation, he may have problems of anger, irritability or mood swings in vain. If you are planning pregnancy, then instead of ignoring this symptom, do a pregnancy test once.

Body temperature rise

The body temperature can also increase due to any other reason, but it is also a sign of pregnancy. see to it. Apart from this, even if you have not missed your period, but you have a lot of fatigue and weakness, then you should take the test once. Although this happens in very few cases, but still what is the harm in doing the test.

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