Consumption of fish can also cause harm! These diseases can take their grip
Consumption of fish can also cause harm! These diseases can take their grip

Consumption of fish is considered very beneficial, because in addition to omega - 3 fatty acids , many important vitamins and proteins are also available in abundance. It is believed that by consuming fish, the brain is also very sharp and it is considered effective in keeping healthy. Health experts also recommend its consumption. Even though fish is considered beneficial for the body in many ways, its consumption can sometimes prove to be harmful. Experts believe that consuming too much of it can prove to be harmful for the body.

Let us tell you that chemicals like mercury and PCB present in the water also go into the stomach of the fish. Mercury and PCBs cause great harm to our health. Directly, if you eat fish in large quantities, then it can increase the amount of mercury and PCB in the body.

Effect on the mind

Experts believe that if the amount of mercury or PCB increases in the body by eating more fish, then it has a bad effect on the brain or nervous system. It is believed that there is also a risk of forgetfulness due to this, so it is right to consume fish in limited quantity.

Harmful for pregnant ladies

If seen, the effect of fish is hot and women who are pregnant are also advised to consume fish in limited quantity. Experts believe that if a pregnant woman consumes more fish, then the fear of miscarriage remains. Although it is beneficial for mother and child, it is necessary to consult a doctor or specialist before consuming it.


People who have a high amount of PCB in their body are considered to be at high risk of getting cancer. It is obvious that by eating fish in excess quantity, PCB will increase in the body and in this case cancer can occur.


Sometimes such toxic substances are found in fish, which are the reason for the occurrence of diabetes. Therefore, fish should not be consumed more by mistake. Experts believe that this can also be the reason for weight gain.

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