If you use inhaler then it is important for you to know these things
If you use inhaler then it is important for you to know these things

Doctors recommend using an inhaler in asthma, but there is also a misconception among people that excessive use of inhaler can make it habitual and it will be harmful. Know what the experts say about this. 

Using an inhaler doesn't make you habitual

Asthma is a chronic lung condition. There is a misconception in the minds of people about the inhaler that its use will make it addictive, whereas the truth is that asthma is a long-lasting disease and it is controlled by the use of inhaler on the advice of the doctor. The inhaler acts as a lifeline for asthma patients.

The use of inhalers gives relief to asthma patients. Sometimes doctors recommend using it for a short term, then in some severe cases patients may have to take the inhaler for a long time. According to experts, this is exactly the same as glasses are necessary for you when you have low blood pressure, diabetes medicines and eyesight.

It helps in controlling the disease

There is also a misconception about inhalers that steroids are used in it, which can harm you. According to experts, many people associate the harmful effects of steroids with the use of inhalers, believing that it may lead to weakening of bones, but the amount of steroids in inhalers is very low in microgram doses. This amount is high in oral steroids. Whereas the inhaler is given directly into the airways and it is not absorbed directly into the body. Hence its side effects are very less.

It prevents asthma from becoming severe

There is also a myth that inhalers are used only in severe cases of asthma, but according to experts, this is not true. An inhaler is a medicine that not only gives relief to asthma patients, but it also controls asthma for a long time. Using an inhaler prevents asthma from becoming severe.

Asthma disease is not completely cured

It is believed that the disease of asthma can be completely cured, but asthma is a long term chronic condition and this disease is never completely cured. However, with the use of medicines and inhalers on the advice of the doctor, this disease can be controlled and asthma patients can lead a completely normal life. The symptoms caused by asthma get suppressed or subside with time. Based on this, doctors recommend reducing or completely stopping the medicines, but this does not mean that the asthma is completely cured.

This situation can be fatal 

If asthma patients live without medicines for a long time and later on they develop severe symptoms, then asthma attack can be fatal for them. That is why it is important that you take medicines on the advice of the doctor and stop the medicines only after consulting the doctor. 

(Disclaimer: The information given here is based on general assumptions and information. Please take medical advice before adopting it. Newztezz Online does not confirm this.)

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