Mental Health: Hugs have magical effects on mental health - study
Mental Health: Hugs have magical effects on mental health - study

Mental health benefits from hugging: For the feelings that thousands of words are insufficient to express, only one hug is enough. This thing has not been said by us but in the findings of a study. According to the study, there are many benefits of hugging. It is not only beneficial for mental health, but it can also prevent many diseases. This has a magical effect.

ht According to the news published in this article, if you are in a lot of stress or depression and want to get rid of it within a minute, then immediately hug your loved ones, within a minute you will start getting relief from stress. The report said that the scientific evidence that embrace hormones that cause stress to meet (stress hormone) cortisol levels (cortisol) is reduced. Due to this, blood pressure and heart rate also decrease in the event of stress or depression. Not only this, it also boosts immunity.

Gives a magical feeling with loved ones
Famous psychologist, entrepreneur and global speaker Tim Gray has told that there is a lot of power in hugging. He has said that hugging with loved ones not only gives a magical feeling to them but also gives a lot of benefits beyond this. Hugging with loved ones relieves stress very quickly, reduces blood pressure and boosts immunity .

Relationship with partner strengthens
Tim Gray told that if you hug for more than a minute, then it gets magical benefits. When you hug with close friends and partners, it has more effect. This strengthens the relationship with the partner. Tim Gray said, I hugged someone for more than 30 minutes as a test. It was really wonderful.

Blood pressure decreases
, after hugging, along with oxytocin, other hormones start showing their effect. It works like super powerful. It is believed that hugging causes the release of oxytocin doubly. That's why it is also called cuddle hormone. It strengthens the trust and relationship between each other. At the same time, it also increases loyalty to each other. It improves overall health. High blood pressure patients get more benefit from hugging. A hug lowers their blood pressure and improves immunity.

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