Side Effects of Egg: Egg eaters should be careful, do not increase your problems, its side effects
Side Effects of Egg: Egg eaters should be careful, do not increase your problems, its side effects

You must have heard a proverb, 'Eat eggs everyday on Sunday or Monday', this proverb was made keeping in view the benefits of eggs, so that people can take benefits of eggs by including them in their diet. If we look at the nutrition profile of eggs, then high quality protein, vitamins, iron etc. are present in all the nutrients, which are very important for the body. But it also has many side effects, which people do not know about. If you are also fond of eating eggs, then definitely know about its side effects, so that you can avoid getting into any kind of trouble due to this.

1. Egg white is fat free and low calorie, but in fact this white part has many disadvantages. Some people are allergic to the consumption of egg white. In such a situation, there may be problems like rashes, swelling and redness in the skin, cramps, diarrhea, itching etc. People who already have allergy problems, they should not consume eggs.

2. Egg white contains a lot of protein, so it is harmful for people suffering from kidney problems. In fact, people suffering from kidney problems have a low amount of GFR (a fluid that filters the kidneys). Egg whites further reduce the GFR. Due to this there is a problem in filtering the kidneys. In such a situation, the problem can increase for kidney patients.

3. The white part of the egg contains albumin. Due to this, the body has a problem in absorbing biotin, in such a situation, problems related to muscle pain, skin problems, hair fall etc. Other than this

4. On the other hand, if we talk about the yellow part of the egg, then cholesterol and fat are found in high quantity in it. If you eat more than two eggs daily, then cholesterol can increase, due to which you may have heart-related problems. People suffering from heart problems and diabetic patients should avoid eggs.

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