Small children also have cancer disease, symptoms start with fever
Small children also have cancer disease, symptoms start with fever

Cancer is one of the most dangerous diseases in this world. Most people think that this disease occurs only in old age, although it is not so. Young children also get many types of cancer. It also happens at the age of 2 to 10. Therefore it is very important to have all the information about this disease. Let us tell you what are the symptoms of cancer in children and how to identify them.

According to Dr Vineet Talwar, HOD, Department of Oncology, Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute and Research Centre, the most common blood cancer in children is leukemia, also known as leukemia. There are several types, including acute lymphoblastic leukemia. Apart from this, lymphoma is also very common in children, due to which lumps in the throat and stomach and lumps in the stomach increase. Children also have bone tumours, kidney and eye cancer, although most cases come from blood cancer. In most cases, the children also recover. However, if the symptoms of cancer are not recognized on time, then it can also be fatal.

starts with fever

Dr. Talwar told that if any children are having fever and even after taking medicines, it remains for two to three weeks, then first of all blood test must be done. If white blood cells are increased in the report of blood test and the level of hemoglobin along with platelets has dropped, then consult a doctor. In such a situation, doctors conduct various types of tests. in which cancer is detected. It is a matter of relief that the symptoms of cancer start appearing in children sooner than in adults. Just need to recognize them on time.

There are many causes of cancer

According to the doctor, there are many such viruses, which cause cancer. Radiation exposure is also a reason for this. If a child has been very fat in childhood, then there is a possibility of developing cancer later. Sometimes cancer can also occur due to genetic reasons. Chemotherapy, surgery and radiation therapy are done for its treatment. If the cancer progresses, radiation therapy is required.

These are symptoms

fever persisting for two to three weeks

body rash

bleeding from the mouth or nose

lump in any part of the body

Headache for more than two weeks

back pain for no reason

deteriorating mental health

ineffectiveness of antibiotics

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