What is a Phobia? Are you also suffering from some unnecessary fear?
Kya Hota Hai Phobia: What is a Phobia? Are you also suffering from some unnecessary fear?

What Is Phobia/ Kyo Hota Hai Phobia/ Phobia Kya Hai: Most of us are victims of some kind of fear. Actually, a particular type of fear is called a phobia. A fear that has no existence, but which we feel can harm us. The word phobia is from English and it is derived from the Greek language Phobos. Phobos means fear.

Actually, we all go through many types of fear in our life. Some are afraid of water and some are afraid to see them from a height. He thinks he will fall. All these situations are a sign of some kind of phobia somewhere. When you are afraid of water, it is called Hydrophobia.

Fear of a particular object
When a person has a phobia, it means that he is afraid of a particular object badly. Well, it is not completely synonymous with fear. Phobia is something other than normal fear.

People who have phobias avoid the objects or situations that they are afraid of. For example, if someone has heightphobia, it means that he avoids a situation like going to a height and then looking down from there.

Anxiety disorder
This is a type of anxiety disorder. This is a very common thing. All the people suffer from this. According to an estimate, about 30 percent of people are victims of this condition.

Research done in America has found that most types of phobias are very common. This research has been done by the American Psychiatric Association.

Fear of open spaces or crowds (Agoraphobia)
This is a special type of phobia. In this, if a person gets scared seeing an open or deserted place, then someone is afraid of seeing the crowd. Makes them feel that some force can harm them. However, there was no basis for his apprehension. Rather it is a product of their mind and mind.

Social phobia is
similar to social phobia. You fear a social situation that never really happens.

In this way there are different types of phobias. In this, you have trouble with a particular kind of object or situation.

Any form and shape 
your These fear phobia that she can come in any shape and size. This is because there are innumerable types of things and situations in the world. In such a situation, you can have innumerable types of fear or fear from it.

In such a situation, it is not possible to count phobias. Yes, they can be divided into different categories. Broadly it is divided into 5 classes, such as-

Classification phobia
animals fear, such as scorpions, dog, insect
fear natural environment, such as height, dark, thunder
blood, afraid of everything related to injury or medical, such as injections, broken bones, etc.
from any position Fear, such as flying, climbing stairs, driving, etc.
Other situations, such as loud noises

What is the treatment
Actually, there is no cure for phobia in medical science. It is just a mental state. It has nothing to do with reality. Usually the phobia is very closely related to your life experiences. There is such a situation in your life when you are scared and the same fear comes inside you that something bad can happen to you when such a situation arises again. The thought of being bad is a phobia.

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