Baby bites during breast feeding? Know the reason and ways to avoid it
Baby bites during breast feeding? Know the reason and ways to avoid it

Baby Biting While Breastfeeding: Many a times, when a mother gives her baby breast feed, the baby grabs the nipple with her tiny teeth while feeding. By doing this, the mother not only feels the unbearable pain, many times swelling comes on the nipple. This problem usually happens to every mother who breastfeeds. The common reason for this is to get relief from teething and pain in babies. According to this, sometimes when the baby is not able to pull the milk properly during feeding or the correct position is not there, then the baby starts making pressure on the breast with his teeth. So let's know that during breastfeeding, after all and for what reasons do babies bite.

why do babies bite

When the baby's teeth erupt, there is swelling and pain in the gums. In such a situation, they do breast-biting to get relief from this pain.

When the baby is very hungry and does not get milk fast, then the baby starts biting his teeth.

If the mother does not look at the baby while feeding, then the child can bite while drinking milk to attract the attention of his mother.

Many babies bite when they have an ear infection or a cold.

what to do

While feeding, the baby needs attention, so keep caressing and loving him.

Feed the baby in the right and comfortable position.

While drinking milk, keep in mind that the attention of the baby should be on drinking milk only.

Whenever he bites, refuse him. If he bites again, then put your finger between his teeth and release the nipple. Never try to pull, you can get injured.

Babies also bite to remove the pain caused by teething, so before and after feeding them, massage the gums of the baby with your clean finger.

If there is unbearable pain, then apply ice compress and apply aloe vera gel in this area.

You can take the advice of a doctor.

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