Child care tips: Women often make these mistakes while feeding their baby, know
Child care tips: Women often make these mistakes while feeding their baby, know

Young children need a lot of care and most mothers leave no stone unturned in taking care of their child. Even while doing breastfeeding mistakes , a mother holds the baby very carefully, so that it does not harm her. It has also been seen that despite so many precautions, mothers make many such mistakes during breastfeeding , due to which there is a bad effect on the health of the young child. He is troubled by many health issues , out of which stomach related problems are considered to be quite common.

Breastfeeding mothers are often unaware of these mistakes and their mistakes overwhelm the baby. We are going to tell you about similar mistakes made by lactating mothers. If you are also breastfeeding, then take a look at these mistakes…

Not cleaning the breast

It has been seen that lactating mother often forgets to clean the breast. This mistake causes many problems in the stomach of the child. According to experts, by doing this, dirt or dirt can go in the stomach of children and due to this they catch diarrhea or other stomach related problems. Actually, sometimes there is such a situation that a mother has to breastfeed in a hurry, but the effort should be made to take special care of cleanliness.

Late feeding

Even though there is a lot of comfort in feeding while lying down, but let us tell you that due to this the baby may have to face serious illness. It is believed that if milk gets into the ear of the child due to some reason, then there is a risk of swelling in the ear due to that. In such a situation, the situation worsens and treatment is not possible without the help of the doctor. Sometimes these mistakes prove to be so big that it affects the hearing ability of the child.

Sleep while feeding

Many mothers make a habit of sleeping while feeding the baby. Even though they can get relief in this, but it has a bad effect on the health of the child. At one point of time, the child gets used to the mother's milk in such a way that sometimes he continues to breastfeed for a long time. So end this habit from today itself.

Single breast feeding

Many lactating mothers often feed the baby with a single breast. It is also considered wrong to do so. According to experts, this can cause problems in the mother's breasts. Actually, milk is being produced in both the breasts and in such a situation it is best to feed from both. By feeding milk from both the breasts, the stomach of the child will also be well filled.

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