World Sight Day 2021: Learn from experts how to take care of eyes to see the colorful world
World Sight Day 2021: Learn from experts how to take care of eyes to see the colorful world

World Sight Day 2021: Today is World Sight Day i.e. World Sight Day . Due to other methods including online studies, online work, online meetings, shopping and entertainment during the Corona period, the risk to the eyes has increased due to giving more time to the screen. In view of the increasing risk to the eyes, WHO has kept the theme of this time 'Love your eyes' (Love your eyes). Its purpose is to tell people how to take care of their eyes and keep their eyesight safe. In the news report published in Amar Ujala newspaper, experts have given some tips for eye care.

Black fungus has emerged as the new enemy of the eyes in the corona epidemic itself. Therefore, diabetic patients or people with weak immunity need to be more cautious. Because black fungus (mucormycosis) attacks the eyes by making such people its prey. More than 45,432 cases of black fungus have been reported. Out of which more than 4200 people died, while to save the lives of thousands of people, doctors had to remove their eyes.

This is how the symptoms of
eye disease are seen, if the problem in the eyes is not seen in time, then it can take a serious form. Therefore, take care of these symptoms related to eye discomfort. Eye pressure, Feeling tired, Not seeing distant or near objects clearly, Dryness in the eyes, Poor vision in low light, Pain in the eye, Blurred vision, Redness and watery eyes, Itchy eyes and Being jealous and seeing the same thing as two are signs of danger.

What the experts say In
this news report, Dr. Praveen Vashisht, Officer-in-Charge of Community Ophthalmology, New Delhi's All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) has told that people in our country do not take eye problems seriously. They say that 65 to 66 percent of people's eyesight is due to white cataract, which can be avoided. Dr Vashisht said that in a study of 40 years, we have found that 12 to 13 children out of 100 in cities are in need of glasses. Whereas in rural areas this rate is 8 percent. Children's eyes are neither examined on time nor glasses are worn.

Good diet and treatment are effective
Dr. Vishishtha says that the cause of corneal blindness can be due to serious infection, injury or lack of nutrients in the eye. These patients can get new light only through eye transplant. There is a need for two lakh eye donations every year in the country. But 50 to 60 thousand eye donations are done every year. Of this, only 40 percent are transplantable. There are 80 percent cases of low vision in the world, which can be corrected with glasses. Every year about 50,000 babies are born blind. Eye problems can be cured with good diet and treatment. But in black cataract, glaucoma, the vision does not return.

20-20-20 formula is necessary,
while Dr. Shruti Wasnik, Ophthalmologist at Kokilaben Hospital, Mumbai, says, 41 percent of children under 18 years of age in India have vision correction. ) is needed, but parents ignore it. 42 per cent of employees and over 45 per cent of the elderly ignore vision problems.

Dr. Shruti says that screen time has increased manifold during the Corona period. In such a situation, everyone should adopt the 20-20-20 formula for the health of the eyes. If working on computer, laptop, mobile then get up every 20 minutes and look 20 feet away for 20 seconds. This will reduce the pressure on the eyes. If there is dryness or irritation in the eyes, then artificial tears drops can be applied.

Eye patients increased in Corona,
Prof. of Ophthalmology Department of Sawai Mansingh College, Jaipur. Kishore Kumar says that the number of eye patients has increased due to increasing screentime. In a report, it has been revealed that the eyesight of 27.5 crore people is weak in the epidemic. In which diabetic patients are most affected. According to Dr. Kishore, children of 4 to 5 years are not able to tell about the problem. In such a situation, if the child is rubbing his eyes again and again, there is redness in the eye, water is coming, he is reading or writing by keeping a book close, then parents should be alert.

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