Tomorrow is Good Friday, know why this day that crucifies Jesus is called Good Friday!

Tomorrow is Good Friday, know why this day that crucifies Jesus is called Good Friday!

Good Friday and and Easter Sunday are considered very pious among Christians. 
On this day, Christians who believe in Christianity go to church and remember Jesus and do social work with great pomp. It is believed that Jesus was crucified on the day of Good Friday, and he presented an example of the culmination of love to the people by sacrificing self.

This day is also called Holi Day, Great Friday and Black Day. This time Good Friday will be celebrated on 2 April. This day cannot be considered a day of happiness, seeing the good that passed on Lord Jesus on Good Friday, then why is this day called Good Friday? Learn about it here and other special information related to this day.

This is validation

There is a belief among the Christian community that the Lord Jesus Christ was the son of God. He came to this earth to eradicate ignorance and teach love and goodness. So when Pilate made many persecutions on Jesus Christ to appease the hardliners, they all endured. Even when Pilate ordered Jesus to be killed by hanging Jesus on the cross, Jesus Christ prayed to God for the ignorance of those people to forgive them because they did not know what they were going to do. Jesus gave his sacrifice to set an example of love's perfection. The day he was hanged on the cross, that day was Friday ie Friday. Looking at Jesus' intention of greatness, sacrifice, kindness and love, that Friday came to be called Good Friday.

How to celebrate Good Friday

On this day people go to church and remember Lord Jesus. Some people celebrate mourning by wearing black clothes in memory of Jesus and also take out a padyatra. On this day candles are not lit nor bells are played. People make a knocking sound with wood. Since this day is considered to be a day of goodness, most people take part in the social work by increasing. Plant saplings and make donations.

What is easter sunday

There is a belief among Christians that on the third day of hanging on the cross, ie on the Sunday, Jesus Christ was resurrected. He then spent 40 days with his followers. This day of the resurrection of Jesus is called Easter Sunday. From this day to the last 40 days, the Easter festival is celebrated.

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