When the Pandavas had a fight with Lord Shiva, know what happened at that time?

When the Pandavas had a fight with Lord Shiva, know what happened at that time?

You all know that at the end of the Mahabharata war, Ashwatthama kills the Pandava sons, but do you know that the Pandavas are guilty of killing their sons and start fighting with them, no? 
So let's know about this story related to Pandavas and Lord Shiva.

This incident is of the last day of the Mahabharata war. On the last day of the war, Duryodhana appointed Ashwatthama as the commander of his army. Duryodhana, who was waiting for his death, said to Ashwatthama, 'How can I see the truncated head of the five Pandavas'.

Ashwatthama conspired to kill Pandavas

By promising Duryodhana, Ashwatthama along with some of his remaining soldiers started plotting the death of the Pandavas. On the other hand, Lord Krishna knew that Kaal would definitely run some cycle on the last day of Mahabharata. To avoid this crisis, Shri Krishna started special praise of Adi Dev Lord Shiva. Praising Shri Krishna, he said to Lord Shiva! Followers of the world, masters of ghosts… I bow to you. Lord you protect my devout Pandavas.

Hearing the praise of Shri Krishna, Lord Shiva came riding on Nandi with a trident in his hand and came to the Pandavas for protection. At that time all the Pandavas were bathing in the river located near the camp. At midnight Ashwatthama, Kritavarma and Kripacharya came to the Pandava camp, but when all three saw Lord Shiva guarding them outside the camp, they were stunned. Then he too started worshiping Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva is pleased immediately on every one of his devotees. Therefore, he became happy on those three as well.

As a boon, he gave Ashwatthama a sword and also ordered him to go to the Pandavas' camp. Then Ashwatthama along with his two companions entered the Pandavas' camp and killed the sons of Pandavas along with Dhrishtadyumna. After this, he returned with the severed head of the three Pandavas. At that time, the councilors who were left alone in the camp gave the news of this massacre to the Pandavas.

The sons of Pandavas were murdered

When the Pandavas heard this news, they were drowned in mourning and wondered who would have killed our sons by entering the camp while being Mahadev himself? It may be that Lord Shiva has done the same. Forgetting dignity in anger, he started to challenge Lord Shiva. Fierce war started.

All the weapons that the Pandavas run on Lord Shiva, they all fall into the body of Lord Shiva because the Pandavas were in the shelter of Shri Krishna and Lord Shiva himself is ready to protect the devotees, so Shiva, the calm form, told the Pandavas that you people of Shri Krishna I am sorry because you are worshipers, otherwise you are worthy of all the slaughter. You have to bear the crime of attacking me after taking birth in Kali Yuga. By saying this, Lord Shiva became invisible.

Pandavas apologized to Shiva

Unhappy Pandavas praised Lord Shiva along with Krishna. Pleased with the praise of the Pandavas, Lord Shiva appeared and asked him to ask for a boon. Then Lord Krishna spoke to Shiva on behalf of the Pandavas, Lord! They are apologetic for the foolishness that the Pandavas had committed. That is, forgive them and get them free from the curse given to them. Adi Dev, Lord Shiva said, O Krishna! At that time I was under the influence of my illusion, so I cursed the Pandavas and I cannot take my curse back but I show the path of liberation.

The Pandavas will be born in Kali Yuga with their share and will be able to get rid of the curse by indulging in their sins. Yudhishthira will be born as the son of Vatsaraja. His name will be Balkhani and he will be the king of Sirish Nagar. Bhima will rule in Benares in the name of Veeran. Bramhananda will be born from Arjuna's part, who will be my devotee. Nakula's part will lead to Kanekoch, who will be the son of Ratna Bano. Sahadeva will be born as Bhimsingh's son Dev Singh. After knowing the way to get rid of the curse given, the Pandavas bowed to Lord Shiva with folded hands and then Lord Shiva disappeared.

So, tell us how the story of Pandavas was born in Kali Yuga. 

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