Now the entire film can be shot with a smartphone, this tech company working on advanced camera features
Now the entire film can be shot with a smartphone, this tech company working on advanced camera features

As smartphone cameras become more advanced for professional-grade video film makers, OnePlus on Friday said it is expanding its camera capabilities with industry-leading innovations to offer premium image quality to users. There will be a special focus in 2022.

The smartphone brand, which entered into a strategic partnership with leading professional camera maker Hasselblad earlier this year, said that with the development of the Shot on OnePlus platform, the company continues to encourage its community to share its great work around the camera. Is. Hsiahua Cheng, chief of imaging at OnePlus, told IANS, "In 2021 and beyond, OnePlus will focus on improving camera performance through investments and strategic partnerships, which will drive the imaging experience for users."

Shooting done with these phones of OnePlus 

In 2020, OnePlus collaborated with Voice Media on a documentary film titled United By Hope, which featured the authentic stories of 12 people from different regions. The short film was shot on OnePlus 8 5G as well as OnePlus 6T devices.

Earlier this year, the company collaborated with Hasselblad for the OnePlus 9 series to give users a better camera experience with Hasselblad Camera for the first mobile. This 60-minute action thriller has been released this week on Disney Plus Hotstar.

Cheng said the three-year partnership with Hasselblad and an additional $150 million investment in camera development is proof of this: our commitment to succeed in offering the best-in-class imaging experience. The partnership will begin in several phases, including color tuning and sensor calibration, and will later expand to include additional hardware collaboration to improve the lens standard and optics, which we will expect to see in future OnePlus flagship devices, Cheng said. will see.

According to Navneet Nakra, CEO of OnePlus India and Head of OnePlus India Region, the 2024 film has been shot entirely on the flagship OnePlus 9 Pro 5G. That said, we are happy to showcase the best camera quality on our flagship devices that offers more precision. We hope this will also inspire our community to push their creative limits, he added.

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