Coronavirus: Countrywide lockdown order in France, schools to remain closed for three weeks

Coronavirus: Countrywide lockdown order in France, schools to remain closed for three weeks

The third wave of Corona Virus Pandemic in France is spreading its foot very fast. 
In view of this, the government has decided to impose a nationwide lockdown. President Emmanuel Macron on Wednesday ordered a nationwide lockdown and said that the schools should be closed for three weeks so that Kovid-19 Help to push back the third wave of infection, otherwise the third wave may be too heavy for hospitals. He said that if we have not yet taken concrete steps, we will lose control over Corona.

President Macron said that during this time only shops of essential goods will be allowed to open. Also, people will have to work from home instead of offices. He said that public meetings would be completely banned during this period. It would be prohibited to go more than 10 km away from your home without proper reason.

'Government will accelerate vaccination work'

The President said that this is a race between corona vaccination and the spread of virus, especially the British variants of the virus. If the government has not done anything yet then it can be difficult to control it. By the end of April, he has appealed to the people to try more to stop the virus. He said that in the meantime the government will expedite the vaccination work and by the end of summer, the government will give Corona vaccine to all people above the age of 18 years.

The number of corona infects in France reached 46.46 lakhs

The total number of corona infects in France has reached 46.46 lakhs whereas the epidemic here has killed 95,502 people so far. Currently, 5,000 people are admitted in ICU due to Korana. In recent times, there has been an increase in the number of infections due to the corona virus of the new variant of Britain. According to the World Health Organization, on March 31, 29,575 cases of infection were registered in one day. On the other hand, 41,682 cases were registered on March 28 and 37,014 on March 29.

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